The Supine Cobbler is an intelligent and worthwhile political drama that picks your brain. Connell continually takes sharp turns with the piece and tests her audience, seeing if they can keep up. I challenge you. And I guarantee this: the show is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

– Veronica Appia, Theatre Reader


“Up at 4:30 a.m. thinking about the show. So unbelievably good. I wish more theatre were like this. It was the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Bravo. Bravo.”
– Adam Lazarus


“I have never seen such beauty, such rawness on any stage in Toronto.”

– Brendan McMurtry Howlett


“The genius of Jill Connell’s soft and fierce world completely transformed me… The entire production is incredible.”

– Amy Keating


“Il reste tout de même de HROSES une douce étrangeté. Les jeux d’illogismes, quoiqu’ils ne semblent pas toujours maîtrisés, font emprunter au spectacle des sentiers théâtraux bien séduisants.”

– Chloé Gagné Dion, Le Devoir


“Consistently one of the most inventive playwrights in the country, Jill Connell’s work frequently uses alternative frameworks to reveal something vital in our collective, real-world psyche.”

– Paul Blinov, Vue Weekly